Double Gold Consumer - 2016

Up to $10.00

NV Gallo Family Winery, Merlot, California
The olfactory sense is greeted with rich cherry and plum nuances, and the blended flavors of black cherry, ripe plum and hints of oak create a velvety richness. Suggest grilled meats and vegetables, or with pasta and a rich red sauce.

NV Barefoot Bubbly, Brut Cuvee Sparkling Wine, California
Full mousse that dissipates quickly. Green apple, jasmine, hints of kiwi and peach flavors bubble up for a crisp, lingering finish. Bubbling with aromas of Chardonnay, it’s an instant favorite for any sparkling wine occasion. Enjoy with fresh fruit or make a sparkling toast to that buttery lobster

2015 Cedar Creek Winery, La Belle Vie, Semi-Dry Vidal Blanc, Wisconsin
A delightful bouquet of pear and apricot tantalizes the nose. Soft mangoes coat the tongue, while a subtly sweet finish floats on the taste buds. Use as an aperitif or as a patio wine. Drop a couple of frozen white grapes into the glass to help keep the wine chilled and then enjoy the grapes after the wine is gone.

NV Barefoot Bubbly, Berry Fusion, Barefoot Cellars, Modesto, California
Sweet and vibrant with aromas and flavors of pomegranate, cranberry and juicy plum, make this a happy time wine. The natural fruit flavors join together to form the perfect bubbly union. Try with Hershey’s kisses, or popcorn watching your favorite movie.

NV Barefoot Bubbly, Red Moscato Sparkling Wine, California
A sweet, juicy and ravishing red sparkling wine! This bubbly bursts with aromas of jasmine and mandarin orange, complemented by dark cherry, pomegranate and blueberry for a sweet and juicy finish. Good to pair with a fruit salad, sorbet or a slice of pizza.

NV Barefoot Bubbly, Moscato Spumante Sparkling Wine, California
Apricot and peachy flavors mix it up with a crisp acidity, finishing off with tasty tangerine that you first experience in the nose. Pour a bit of this over a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a sprig of mint for dessert, or on the other side with some spicy Asian dish.

$10.01 to $15.00

2015 Lakewood Vineyards, Riesling Semi-sweet, New York
Opens with bright aromas of pear, citrus and a hint of peach. The palate is balanced nicely with a touch of sweetness and moderate acidity. Try with lemon/honey grilled chicken, or luscious to sip by itself.

2015 Lakewood Glaciovinum Vignoles Ice Wine, New York
The first sip of lingering tangerine and almond beg you to sip again, the tropical fruit basket of flavors enveloping your tongue. The incredible aromas of orange, banana, ginger, and vanilla bean will have you going back for another sniff. Dessert in a glass!

2015 Black Willow Winery, Classic Diamond, New York
An aromatic sweet, fragrant and fruity white hybrid shows intense grapey flavors reminiscent of its Concord heritage. Marry with veined cheese, or spicy foods. Serve well chilled.

2015 Salt of the Earth, Flore de Moscato California Sweet Muscat, California
Bright, medium light gold color in the glass. Lively, fun, grassy fruity aromas of dried kumquat and lemon with moderately sweet, medium-full body and a touch of natural spritz. Serve this with a baked brie drizzled with honey, other cheeses, or spicy foods.

$15.01 to $20.00

NV Bordeleau Winery, Cabernet Franc, Lot Number 3, Maryland
Deep ruby red in color, this wine is layered with lush plum, currant, black cherry and raspberry fruits. It has nuances of herbs, spices, and tobacco with peppery undertones and a smooth velvety long-lasting finish. Serve with a char-grilled hamburger with a blue cheese top.
2014 Le Vigne Winery, Merlot, California
Merlot is making its way back into the hearts of red wine drinkers by way of Paso Robles, no thanks to the movie Sideways. This pleasantly fruity wine of raspberries, mocha and the perfect balance of fruit, oak and tannins is a joy to drink. Especially with a glass (or two) and your favorite cheese snack, sourdough bread and Italian salamis during Sunday football games.

NV Bordeleau Winery, Malbec, Lot Number 2, Maryland
Dark berries and cocoa grab the nose. It is full bodied and displays cherry, blackberry, blueberry and mocha flavors, with a long and lingering finish. The wine has a nice full roundness and luscious fruit. Recommend a pork tenderloin from a honey mustard marinade.
2015 Gray Ghost Winery, Chardonnay, Virginia
Delightful aromas of tropical fruit and pear with hints of vanilla. The soft oak character in the finish adds depth and body to this austere wine. For fruit and oak lovers alike, this is an excellent complement to poultry, seafood and pasta dishes.

NV Prairie Berry Winery, Peach Mead, South Dakota
Bouquets of peaches and honey are distinctive in the nose. The wine is light on the tongue with honey up front, and peach with hints of papaya that carry through to the finish. Enjoy as an aperitif or serve with a dish of vanilla bean ice cream.

2015 James River Cellars, Chardonel, Virginia
A delightful floral and tropical fruit nose entices the first sip. Flavors of cantaloupe, honeydew and wild flowers dance on the palate with just a slight perception of effervescence. Pair with a rotisserie chicken.

$20.01 to $27.00

2015 Pearmund Cellars, Petit Verdot, Virginia
Blackberry, cassis and white pepper engulf the nose. Cherry, jammy fruit and anise fill the mouth, rounded out by the subtle tannins provide a well-balanced wine with a long finish. Try this with an ash cheese and if you feel ambitious, a pork rack crown.
2015 Pearmund Cellars, Silver Creek Vineyard Viognier, Virginia
Wonderful floral nose with just a hint of honey. Stone fruit and hints of vanilla, honeydew and lychee flavors linger on the long, soft finish. A real pleasurable glass of wine for the senses. Serve this with a fruit platter, blue type cheeses, or smoked salmon.

2013 Belhurst Estate Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon, NY
This is an excellent example of a cold climate Cabernet that shows hints of anise and dark berry fruits in the nose. Black raspberries and blueberries dance on the palate with soft tannins and a long finish. Try this with Beef Wellington or a venison back-strap with a blueberry reduction.
2015 Pearmund Cellars, South River Vineyard Petit Manseng, Virginia
Opens with a bright acidity and nuances of pineapple, vanilla and apricot preserves. Flavors of stone and candied fruits round out the finish. Pair with a cheddar type cheese, tapenade, or prosciutto – or a “munchy” plate of all.

2014 Don Ernesto Crescendo, Napa, California
An expert blend of Cabernet, both Cab. Franc and Cab. Sauvignon. We’re sure there are additional Bordeaux-style grapes in the blend, but the lush, richness and cherry notes of this wine is enough for us to share a bottle with family and a prime porterhouse steak or a giant marinated Portobello mushroom off the grill – maybe even a little of both.

2015 Effingham Manor, Merlot, Virginia
Dark cherry, vanilla and buttered toast aromas fill the nose, followed by a mouthful of luscious cherries, plums and a touch of smoke at the finish. Gentle tannins maintain the structure from start to finish. Brie, prosciutto and fig jam will pair nicely.
$27.01 to $35.00

2014 Santa Barbara Winery, Santa Rita Hills Chardonnay, California
This stainless steel fermented wine captures the pure essence of the grape. A bouquet of fresh cut citrus leads into the bright, lemony and apple flavors that are tingly on the tongue. It has a long persistent finish. Pair with baked trout in a lemon, butter, caper sauce.

2015 Taylors St. Andrews Chardonnay, Clare Valley, Australia
This wine has ripe, stone fruit aromas, hints of tropical fruit and subtle citrus zest. Silky texture with exceptional length and flavors of peach, nectarine and subtle nut nuances from French oak aging. Grilled flounder stuffed with crab will pair nicely.

$35.01 to $40.00

2013 Herzog Special Reserve, Russian River Valley Chardonnay, California

Big tropical fruits and baked bread fill the nose. Soft citrus flavors with an oaky creaminess coats the palate through the long finish. Serve with grilled salmon and vegetables, or a roasted turkey. This wine is certified Kosher for Passover.

$40.01 to $50.00

2014 Wakefield/Taylors Wines, St. Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia
Rich fruit characters of cassis and blackcurrant with earthy nuances of cedar and tobacco captivate your attention immediately. A well-balanced wine with ripe black fruit characteristics, coffee and chocolate interweaving harmoniously. Accompany with a grilled filet mignon and vegetables grilled over mesquite – you won’t be disappointed.

2012 Trapiche, Terroir Series Edicion Limitada Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina
Noble wine with a bright red color. Aromas of black fruit and spices, which show soft and balanced on the palate, with pleasant, long-lasting tannins. An excellent example of Argentinean Cabernet Sauvignon. Match to a Delmonico roast with a garlic and salt rub, or semi-soft cheeses such as Gruyere or Edam.
2013 Gray Ghost Winery, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Virginia
Dark berries and leather are a prelude to the layers of blackberry, black raspberry, bing-cherries and dark cocoa encompassing the palate. The finish lingers with elegant, soft tannins. New York strip steak on a hot cast iron skillet, and finished with butter and a sprig of Thyme, or various blue cheeses come to mind.

2013 Lafond Winery, Santa Rita Hills Chardonnay, California
Aromas of tropical fruits, oak and butterscotch wake the senses to this wine. Intense citrus flavors with honeysuckle and a butterscotch finish are delightful on the palate. Serve with a pan fried rainbow trout with butter and home-fries.

2010 Robledo Family Winery, Los Carneros Cuvee Brut, California
A nice tight mousse that dissipates quickly. A lively wine with aromas and flavors of toast, fresh apple, ripe pear and a hint of honey. The citrus flavors are elegant on the tongue with a slightly citrus tart finish. A cuvee of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this is a well made bubbly that keeps dancing in the mouth after the wine is gone. Perfect for any sparkling occasion but caviar and potato latkes would be a superb to match.

Double Gold International - 2016

Up to $8.00

NV Barefoot Cellars Argentina Cabernet Sauvignon
Lovely composition to this sweet and also sassy cabernet presenting ripe, racy, high-altitude demeanor and great suavity. Plum and cherry pastille flavors in a soft, easy-drinking style of broad appeal and application. No need to wait for Sunday; put some burgers on the grill any day of the week.

2014 Jacob’s Creek Classic outh Eastern Australia Shiraz/Cabernet
That sweet, alluring fruit-pastille aroma marks this an Aussie classic, mate. This is all about uncomplicated, pure pleasure. Soft and gentle on the palate, full flavored, and lasting, thanks to its linear fruit acidity. The flavor and texture goes on and on. An all-occasion deck red with mixed grill.

NV Barefoot Cellars Rich Red Blend, California
A velvety red wine blend with bold aromas and flavors of blackberries, blueberries and vanilla. Hints of caramel and oak complement the smooth finish. Spicy steak fajitas, grilled vegetables and pizza would all marry nicely with it.

2015 Jacob’s Creek Classic South Eastern Australia Shiraz
Mmm, a warm red-raspberry tart of a nose defines this garrulous Aussie take on syrah. Deep and savory spices augment its rich fruit flavors. Flecks of black pepper tingle the palate, and a cooling mint highlight emerges on the palate, both adding to the wine’s entertainment value. Enjoy with beef heart.

NV Barefoot Cellars White Zinfandel, California
Huge aromatic nose of fresh strawberry jam with melon subtleties and orange candy, salt water toffee and gum drops in the finish. Decidedly sweet but refreshingly crisp, balanced and could be a nice partner with Caesar salad.

DGNotes ReggaeRedNV Easley Reggae Red, Indiana
This easy drinking labrusca based wine offers up the smell of vineyard fresh grapes. A ripe sweet grape juice mid palate with a clean appetizing finish. Enjoy it either as a sipping wine or with soda in a spritzer.

$8.01 to $10.00

2015 Baron Herzog Clarksburg Chenin Blanc, California
With pineapple, citrus, grass after a spring rain in the nose and apple, pear highlights balances the very supple and soft palate; it finishes clean and dry. A nice herb crusted roast chicken would be a great pairing.

2015 Cedar Creek Winery Pinot Grigio, Wisconsin
Pink grapefruit, wet stones and lemon grass fill the nose while refreshing acidity and hints of orange peel finish it off. This crisp white is ideal with broiled Lake Michigan whitefish.

NV St. Julian Winery Red Heron Sweet Red, Michigan
Cherry, grape jam and candied fruit aromas run through the strawberry and lemon drop flavors, while crisp acidity nicely balances the semi-sweet, refreshingly tart finish. Try it with pastas, burgers or a fruit and cheese platter on a warm summer’s afternoon. Serve slightly chilled.

NV Anthony’s Hill Gewurztraminer, California
Fine mild musky perfume with hints of sweet gum drops make the nose compelling. Kiwi and orange peel come across on the palate along with a nice balance of bitter, sweet and acid. This would be a star with Asian cuisine such as coconut shrimp or sushi with wasabi and soy sauce.

2014 Peller Estate Baco Noir, Ontario, Canada
The deep, black red color and dense dried cherry, plum and fig aromas are nothing short of remarkable. We can’t say we’ve ever enjoyed a Baco Noir with a nicer tongue coating texture, balanced all the while with juicy acidity and very soft lovely tannin that stays all the way to the end of the finish. Serve it as you would a fine Rhone with Coq au Vin or any dish with lots of garlic and intense broth.

2013 Harlow Ridge Lodi Petite Sirah, California
Beautiful rich red/black color gives notice to the baked cherries, kirschwasser, pomace-like essence that follows. This is a huge wine with a full, long dry aftertaste. Excellent value. Enjoy it with succulent Swiss steak.

Chestnut Run Farm Shiro Plum Wine, New Jersey
Lovely, definitive essence of shiro plum. All fruit. None of that oft-found almondy plum-pit smell that, to my mind, detracts from plum wine’s fleshy purity. Delicious, spot-on flavor. Impeccable balance of sweetness and acidity. Perfect for a plum flan.

$10.01 to $13.00

2013 Wagner Vineyards Riesling Select, New York [Finger Lakes]
This Riesling is lush and fruity with acidity to balance the sweetness. Tropical fruit aromas with citrus and pineapple flavors are accented by rich honey overtones. Delicious by itself or a wonderful accompaniment to chicken, pork or Asian dishes.

2015 Fenn Valley Winery Edelzwicker, Michigan
Relatively dry with aromas of rose petal and honeysuckle, touches of green apple and citrus fruits with a spicy and long floral finish. Have this Riesling/Traminette blend with spicy Asian foods.

2014 Raven Wines Wicked White, Niagara, Canada
Apples, spice and foxy fill the nose, a touch of sweetness precedes the spice and apple flavors with an excellent acid balance and long spicy finish. Serve as a chilled aperitif or companion to seafood in a cream sauce. It will also go well on the Thanksgiving table.

2014 Coyote Moon Vineyards Fire Boat White, New York
The distinctive labrusca, Riesling-like diesel aromas of the Niagara grape permeates the nose, while honeysuckle and flowery jasmine are pleasing on the palate. Serve slightly chilled to go with pizza, hot wings or hard cheeses.

NV Chateau Fontaine Cherry Wine, Michigan
Experience the precise reflection of Northern Michigan Montmorency cherries in the nose. On the palate, hints of cinnamon and clove add interest. In the middle, a watermelon-like freshness carries the flavors and smells to the finish as cleanly and as balanced as the finest varietal grape wines. Though not a bit sweet, there is no bitterness to hide. Enjoy it as an aperitif with cold cuts or sushi.

2014 Treleaven Winery Wobbly Rock Riesling, New York [Finger Lakes]
Aromas of lemon cake, melon, peach with a crisp, fruity medium body and a tangy sweet citrus, green apple, and mineral driven finish. Perfect for oriental or Mexican spicy foods.

2015 Domaine Barrien Cellars Seyval Blanc, Michigan
Luscious flavors of honey, Valencia oranges and juicy, ripe apricot with a smooth, lingering finish.  This sweet wine is fine by itself and makes for a great summertime wine.

NV St. Julian Sweet Nancie Sparkling Peach, Michigan
The peach aroma is explosive. Sweet on the palate, yet balanced with fresh citrus notes. The blood orange and peach schnapps-like intensity offers celebratory drinking on happy occasions.

$13.01 to $16.00

2013 The Crusher, Petite Sirah, Clarksburg, California
Juicy cherries and crème brûlée perforate the senses. Dense flavors of milk chocolate, blueberry and clove mingle to create this deep, rich and expressive wine. Pair with steak from the grill or an herb crusted lamb loin.

2015 St. James Winery Frontier Selection Semi-Dry Vignoles, Missouri
A lovely Vignoles expression combining a dash of the citrus facet it displays in its cooler growing range and its warmer, riper pineapple expression. Very bright varietal character. Comfortable balance at the semi-dry level of sweetness thanks to brisk acidity. Chicken with fruit.

2014 Purple Cowboy Trail Boss Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Warm, enticing Paso Robles ripe, ripe fruit. Stewed blackberries and plums. Just a suggestion of barrel aging. Oh, so enticing and soft, but also 2014 fresh, elegant, racy. Wonderful textural play between rich fruit and racy fruit acidity. A hallmark Paso cabernet. For juicy, medium-rare, grilled gourmet burgers.

NV Eagle City Winery, Chokecherry, Iowa
The pure essence of cherry aromas (chokecherry is a relative of black cherry) permeates the nose, while it coats the palate with a slightly tart finish. Match with most any fruit based dessert.

NV St. Julian Winery, Solera Cream Sherry, Michigan
The brilliant amber and deep copper hues are captivating. The butterscotch, walnut and hint of caramel aromas prelude the sweet nut and caramel palate. Blue cheese, walnuts and candied orange will pair perfectly. Then again, perhaps a Cohiba robusto cigar.

NV Prairie Berry, Black Raspberry/Merlot Fusion, South Dakota
This fusion wine offers bright, young berry fruit followed by rich, dried plum and blackberry aromas, while vanilla, jammy blackberry and notes of dried plum coat the palate with a long finish. Enjoy it with smoked ribs or barbeque. Serve slightly chilled.

2014 Ch. Lafayette Renau, Dry Riesling, New York [Finger Lakes]
Peach and melon fruit with abundant citrus character, the citrus carries over with hints of apple and bright acidity for a perfect balance. Serve with fish, chicken and other light meats.

DGNotes VinosBuono2009 Vino è Buono Zinfandel, Colorado
Rich coffee, chocolate, baked caramel and brandied cherries in the nose carry onto the palate. Certainly a mature wine, but it is not showing any sign of falling apart. It finishes with cinnamon, cloves and wild berry jam. Sausage with bell peppers and onions would be a good pairing.

2014 Simon Creek Untouchable Red, Wisconsin
Bright cherry color, full cherry aromas lead into flavors of strawberry, rhubarb and hints of cotton candy. Serve slightly chilled with smoked meats and barbeque.

2014 Cosentino The Dark, Lodi, California
This wine is both big and classy resembling a Cru Bordeaux with chocolate, lots of plum and red fruit in the nose. On the fat, ripe palate, big mouth filling tannin is balanced by the lush juicy fruit finish. Spicy, well-seasoned food such as fajitas would welcome this wine.

Dakota Sun Gardens Semi-Sweet Haskap Berry Wine, North Dakota
First experience with the haskap berry. I find this an intriguing and pleasurable aromatic treat redolent of blueberry, raspberry, and boysenberry suggestions, stunningly sweet. Welcome berry tartness tempers its sweetness, so the taste is not a bit sticky. A most well-crafted fruit wine that will likely fare well with flourless chocolate cake as well as berry-based desserts.

2014 Lakewood Vineyards, Borealis Iced Wine, New York [Finger Lakes]
Abundant aromas of sweet cherries and cotton candy, this iced wine is fruity and rich on the palate with a bright candy-like finish. This is dessert in a glass!

NV Lautenbach’s Orchard Summer Breeze, Wisconsin
Montmorency cherry in the nose with hints of purple plum and strawberry fill the palate. The full throttle ripe sweet flavors carry all the way to the finish and send the same message as the bouquet. It is clearly a summer sipping wine and would be nice with spicy appetizers.

2015 North Branch Vineyards New York Traminette, Vermont
The nose is pure Gewurz with pumpkin pie spice and a fresh zesty citrus peel bitter mid palate culminating in a remarkably soft, lush, ripe fruit finish that feels neither sweet nor dry. A slightly spicy version of Pad Thai with peanut sauce would bring out its best.

2014 Ferrante Finger Lakes Riesling, Ohio
The bouquet starts out with minerals and wet stones while quickly transitioning to unpeeled bosque pear with hints of green herbs and flowers finishing clean juicy with a yellow plum nuance. Serve this cleansing wine with scallops in a herbed butter lemon sauce.

$16.01 to $20.00

2013 Ray’s Station Merlot, Mendocino, California
This is a strong and vibrant wine, packed with scents of ripe black cherries, while hints of spice and bold, supple tannins offer strength and concentration throughout. Pair with grilled foods, ranging from fish to steak.

2013 Shelton Vineyards Two • Fine • Nine Tannat, North Carolina
Dusty cocoa, stones and earth start the bouquet while ripe red fruit, orange peel complete it. Chocolate cherries on the finish make it a great wine with BBQ pork or beef fajitas.

2015 Taylor’s Clare Valley Merlot, Australia
The very fresh airy nose combines persimmon, Pimm’s cup, raspberry jam with a surprising lift in the middle palate of citrus and red fruit. The texture is long and persistent. Mediterranean cuisine with plenty of seasonings and garlic would match well.

NV Old Mill Winery Mountain Falls, Tennessee
The big labrusca aroma captures the essence of native grape species as well as a sense of the mountain terroir. Sweet, medium bodied and fresh make it an ideal sipping wine.

2012 L. A. Cetto Nebbiolo Private Reserve, Baja, Mexico
This wine has many traits of an old world Nebbiolo, similar fruit profile of ripe berries and black fruits although the nose is fuller and bigger as is the palate. A complex nose of red and black fruit are enhanced with a touch of leather. Pair up with lamb, veal or mature cheeses.

2013 Garnet Vineyards Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Dry, dark-fruited, and astute 2013 California cabernet style. Just the right degree of Paso Robles warmth and ripeness. Deep blackberry and black currant sensations, 2013 firm framing, and a lovely, subtle oak complement. This is serious stuff! Dry and firm on the palate still. These 2013s are keepers. Well balanced, so delightful at the table already. And, a cellar candidate. For seared Teres Major steak.

NV Old Mill Winery Little Pigeon White Table Wine, Tennessee
The winery is located at Sevierville TN on the original road into the Great Smoky Mountains, and darned if this Muscardine varietal doesn’t have a distinct aura of smoke hovering above its sweet, uber-ripe guava aromatic foundation. Woodsmoke and tropical fruits echo on the palate, joined by a cold cream sensation. Enjoy with a tropical fruit salad.

2015 Verterra Dry Rose of Pinot Noir, Michigan
Pale pink with strawberry, yellow plum and honeydew in the nose fits nicely with more of the same on the palate along with some nice dry red wine tannin and fresh acidity. This wine has enough mouth feel to go nicely with seared tuna and wasabi sauce.

2012 Beviam Bodega Cavas Del 23 Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina
A very bright, black-fruited take on cabernet. High altitude cool and crunchy black currant meets Argentine Cabernet Sauvignon’s innate lushness. Oak contributes subtle sandalwood perfumes. So relaxed on the palate, so harmonious. Rich fruit and racy acidity in tandem. Full varietal flavor and wonderful oak embellishments that augment same. Ready to enjoy with a thick, broiled filet mignon.

2013 Treleaven Estate Cayuga Lake Cabernet Franc, New York
Sweet and fresh red fruit and ventilating crushed mint-leaf aromas introduce this Loire Valley Cabernet Franc look-alike. Add a light patina of oak toastiness, and you have a nose that will impress and astonish Francophiles. The palate too is breezy and bright, with bracing, welcoming northern-region fruit acidity. Oh, boy, does this welcome tarrragon chicken.

2015 Bragannini Reserve Late Harvest Vignoles, Michigan
Peach and apricot aromas fill the nose, while ripe pineapple and mango tones appear with honey and spice on the palate. Vibrant acidity follows through to a lingering floral finish. Serve chilled by itself, with soft cheeses or a peach tart for dessert.

2015 Prairie Berry Winery, La Crescent, South Dakota
Floral, fruit-forward, and citrusy aromas introduce the apricot and pear flavors with a long flora finish. This is a perfect summertime wine and will go with a host of summertime foods.

2013 Tabor Hill Kerner, Michigan
This grape captures the sweet pure white fleshed fruit essence when made well. With several decades of Kerner under their belt, Tabor Hill consistently combines lush kiwi, fresh green herbs, hints of minerality and a long, lush palate finishing as pure as it starts. In lieu of sake, try this delightful wine with hibachi shrimp.

$20.01 to $25.00

2013 Windsor Vineyards Pinot Noir, Sonoma County
Bing cherry, strawberry and rhubarb aromas are followed with bouquets of cinnamon and oregano. Bright cherry and juicy raspberry flavors are balanced by a layer of earthy mushroom. Smooth and silky, partner it with salmon or a rack of lamb.

2013 Los Noques Limited Edition Finca Don Juan Cabernet Franc/Malbec, Argentina
One year in French oak barrels, 40% new, gives a complex and lavish perfume to this already abundantly fruit-filled aroma. This is so gorgeous that I don’t want to stop smelling it and get on to the rest of the analysis! Oh, the palate rewards with equally broad and deep aromatic profiles, and it adds wonderfully balanced and lengthy textural display. For prime rib and all the trimmings.

2013 Victor Hugo, Malbec, Paso Robles, California
Wild sage and black currant aromas introduce a mouthful of spicy oak and blackberries and a sweet tobacco finish. Pairs well with meat dishes, strong cheeses and pasta with red sauces.

$25.01 to $35.00

2013 Santa Barbara Winery Petite Verdot, Santa Ynez, California
Rich aromas of black cherry, anise and violets greet the nose, while the palate is saturated with dried sour cherries, boysenberry, black pepper and tightly grained cedar flavors. A dry spiced rubbed pork tenderloin and grilled vegetables will do nicely.

2015 Gray Ghost Winery, Adieu Late Harvest Vidal, Virginia
Rich pear, honey, and apricot aromas and succulent pear and honey flavors make this a must for serving as an after dinner wine all on its own. If you feel the need for dessert, try pairing with a pear tart, fruit or lighter cheeses with French bread.

2013 Garnet Sonoma County Pinot Noir, California
Sweet cherry, dry spices, clove, cocoa ramp up a notch at the middle palate with big tannin, loads of chocolate and caramel finishes endlessly with a subtle note of anise. Plenty big enough to pair nicely with steaks and chops, but also, complex and elegant enough to serve with tuna or salmon.

2013 Ferrante Winery Vidal Blanc “Ice Wine,” Ohio
Aromas and luscious flavors of honey, melon, and brown sugar tantalize the palate and is simply dessert in the glass. A peach tart would go nicely if you just have to have something to go with it.

2014 B Side Napa Valley Red Wine, California
Fresh, clean red fruit airiness one associates with the Mediterranean fills the senses. Yet, big dense, saliva tingly, fresh red fruit essences abound. Balance and drinkability make it compelling and will make a great mate for pasta, chicken cacciatore or aged sausages and mature cheese.

2013 Navarro Vineyard Mendocino Petite Sirah, California
Sweet cassis, stone fruit, cherry pits and a huge mouth feel finish with tannins as smooth as silk. Enjoy this beauty with juicy Wagyu finger steaks.

DGNotes CaptainsWalk2012 Captains Walk Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Wisconsin
This is a pretty wine with deep red color and a nose of fine red fruit, pomegranate and red currant. The medium body has ample tannin and will pair well with prime rib or beef chuck roast.

2010 Peter Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, California
A firm, deep, black-to-the-core cabernet showing Sonoma Valley berry-currant essences, this softens and broadens with aeration to offer lushness and generosity and a lovely French-oak patina. Oh, that cool currant and leaf, ventilating taste of classic Sonoma Valley cabernet. Good brace of fruit and oak tannins. Like many a 2010, this will thrive for years in the cellar. Will enhance a hearty beef stew without delay also.

St. Julian Grey Heron Grape Vodka, Michigan
Indeed, this is a vodka with flavor, aroma and fine fruit essence in the finish. It can certainly be enjoyed as you would an un-aged brandy (eau de vie) or incorporated as an ingredient into any vodka cocktail, especially those where reinforcing fruit flavors is a big plus.

$35.01 to $50.00

2012 Fazeli Cellars Meritage, Temecula, California
A true Meritage comprised of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, it is fruit forward with blackberry and raspberry aromas complemented by hints of vanilla, anise and allspice. It is medium bodied with soft tannins. Match this up with a juicy ribeye or leg of lamb from the grill.

2013 Sagebrush Annie’s Stone Pine Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, California
That cool and exotic black currant and leaf sense of Santa Barbara cabernet. Both lush and ventilating. Attractive oak seasonings. Firm-figured 2013 style. Real power at 15.1% strength, and it carries it well. Balanced for drinking now; well framed for cellaring too. Roast leg of lamb with cumberland sauce.

2013 Hopkins Vineyard Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Connecticut
Offering up a huge honey and sweet orange blossom nose with nuances of beeswax and resin. The palate chimes in with poached pear, baked apple and caramel on the finish. Enjoy it alongside a double espresso.

2013 Taylors St. Andrews Single Vineyard Release Shiraz, Australia
Impressively deep red-violet color. Wow, this is a real blue-blood Australian shiraz demonstrating the warmth and power of its terra rossa soil and the cool elegance of its limestone subsoil. A Clare Valley wine of place indeed! Oh, what a complex of fruit perfumes that of which are rarely coaxed from shiraz. An aura of wood spices completes the picture. Shiraz’ snappy black pepper and fruit and wood tannins offer textural spiel. The power is modulated, and the tannins are soft and sweet, so everything plays out right. Where’s the barbie?

2012 Lafond Winery Syrah/Grenache, California
Discreetly sweet and elegant, this surely speaks cool, coastal Santa Rita Hills. 60% Syrah, 40% Grenache. A lot of the elusive aspects of northern Rhone syrah come forth here: black raspberry, white pepper, and lavender. Plus that sweet strawberry southern Rhone Grenache complement. Oh, a dazzling mouthful of sweet, super-ripe fruit flavors that extend for minutes on the aftertaste. The mouthfeel is full-textured, warming, and lengthy too. Pig roast time.

2012 Schulze Vineyards Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, New York
The nose has an intense peach brandy eau de vie quality to it with stone fruit essence along with sweet Muscat, cinnamon, raisin subtleties. Toasted waffles emerge in the middle with a surprise green herb nuance at the end. Enjoy this one after dinner with your favorite cigar.

$50.01 to $65.00

2013 Amizetta Complexity, Napa Valley
This wine is a harmonious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. It shows tons of finesse with chocolate tannins and well balanced acidity. Aromas of black cherry, raspberry, plums, and hints of date are followed with bouquets of leather and spice. Perfect for Steak Au Poivre and grilled asparagus.

2012 Schulze Vineyards Block Three Ice Wine, New York
A unique and lovely interpretation of German Eiswein using Catawba grapes. There is no ignoring the fascinating floral and subtle fruit aromatics of this absolutely delicious wine. An engaging sweetness with a balance of desirable acidity. Experiment with this wine beyond dessert. Try matching with ice cold shrimp or foie gras before the meal.

2011 Lange Twins Winery, Centennial Zinfandel, Lodi, California
Concentrated flavors of raspberry and black licorice seamlessly meld together with tones of warm spice and vanilla, and finishes with a touch of pepper and spice. This is a big Zin that will match nicely with bouillabaisse or a big juicy steak.

DGNotes LangetwinsCentennial2013 Trefethen Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Grand, statuesque, important Napa Valley cabernet which emphasizes that cooly composed and confident nature of an Oak Knoll District wine. Utterly noble perfume that combines plenty of “oomph,” Napa Valley breeding, refined French oak, and 2013 firm constitution. Silky, sophisticated purple fruits and exquisite oak spices. Firm, fine tannins. Honestly, the best Trefethen Cabernet Sauvignon I have tasted. For entrecôte with ceps.

$65.01 +

DGNotes ZDCabernet2013 ZD 45th Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Refined and sophisticated, utterly noble Napa Valley wine, a mark of ZD cabernets for 45 years. Deep, intricate, and elegant right down to its sweet center, like a fine, filled Belgian chocolate. Firm 2013 and ZD cabernet natures give great cellaring promise. The tannins are fine-grained, the oak extras well managed. All in proper proportion, this will accompany steak Diane in the near term and also supply years of pleasure as bottles emerge.

Double Gold International - 2015

Up to $8.00

Jacob’s Creek 2014 Classic Shiraz, Australia
A perennial “Best Buy” wine that never fails to deliver top quality results - at a great price! A smooth, medium body is preceded by the bouquet of wonderful berry and cedar aromas. A nice, subtle, spicy Shiraz flavor on the palate with enough soft tannins to withstand and enhance your mealtime pleasure with any cut of beef or lamb off the grill. How can JC keep doing it at that price?

Smoking Loon 2013 ‘Blue Loon’ Moscato, California
What is most striking about this Moscato is the fruit purity. The lush, apricot, rose petal nose carries into the flavor and fleshy texture throughout its juicy demeanor finishing impeccably clean and fresh. Although I jokingly call this sort of wine “breakfast wine,” it makes a fine contribution to brunch in lieu of fruit juice.

Konzelmann Estate 2013 Pinot Blanc, Niagara, Canada
Aromas of bananas and pear mingle with floral notes and the perfect amount of vanilla. Tropical citrus flavors with just a touch of ginger leave a rich, elegant mouth-feel. Smoked planked salmon seems like a perfect match.

Barefoot Cellars NV Shiraz, California
A dark berry bouquet with a hint of lavender aroma, marries nicely with the blackberry jam and a touch of mocha that cover the palate with a toasty vanilla finish. It will match elegantly with red sauce pastas, red meat, pizza or sharp cheese.

Barefoot Refresh NV Perfectly Pink, California
A sweet blush wine that dances a spritzy Moscato flavor across the palate. Probably best if chilled before pouring with light cold desserts.

$8.01 to $10.00

Cedar Creek Winery 2014 “La Belle Vie” Prairie-du-Sac, Wisconsin
Semi DryVidal Blanc. Exceptionally blanc in color, but bold in luscious blossomy fruit, finishes long and clean on the palate. Serve with fresh fruit salads or with mild cheeses.

Wyndham Estate 2013 Shiraz, Australia
Vibrant purple hues precede the plum, black pepper and mocha aromas of this wine. The palate is covered with dark cherry, plums, touches of spice and subtle vanilla flavors complimenting the fruit. Well balanced, this wine is perfect for red meat. A filet mignon would be first choice.

Wollersheim Winery 2014 Prairie Fume, Wisconsin
Scents of mineral and citrus give a very clean first impression. As the nose suggests, this off-dry wine is bursting with citrus and tropical fruit highlights with just a hint of mineral on the finish. Serve with soft cheeses, shellfish or seafood linguini.

Lakewood Vineyards 2013 Long Stem White, Finger Lakes, New York
Clean fresh pineapple and mango subtleties in the nose become citrus and minerals on the palate. There is also a nice green lime surprise in the finish of this Cayuga/Vidal blend. As such, it compliments Asian seafood preparations.

Easley Riesling cropWebEasley 2014 Riesling, Indiana
Pear and apple dominate the nose while it becomes big and juicy on the palate with lush guava-like flavor and mouth feel. It finishes very clean and drier than expected. Seared tuna on a warm summer evening was made for this wine.

Allure Bubbly Pink Moscato, California
Splashing into the glass, a frothy mousse and persistent bubbles come to life. A strawberry/melon scent carries onto the palate with mouth filling creamy effervescence. The long cleansing finish is both dry and supple which makes it remarkably well suited to Sunday brunch.

St. Julian 2014 Reserve Riesling, Michigan
Very pale, water white color belies the big nose of melon, apples and roses which leads to mouth filling citrus flavors and herbal subtleties on the very long, lemony finish. Bring on the beer battered perch or cod!

Ferrante Blueberry Blanc (Grape/Blueberry), Lake Erie, Ohio
The beautiful transparent ruby red hue offers plenty to capture the eye. This blend nicely combines bright blueberry red fruit essence with a mélange of grapey scents and maraschino-like flavors from native American grapes. It finishes clean and fresh; in no way cloying. With fresh fruit, it can’t be beat.

Easley Traminette cropWebEasley 2014 Traminette, American, Indiana
A very fine Gewurz-like nose with rose petal nuances stays prominent while soft white grape juice flavors glide across the palate. The palate is every bit as refreshing with a good dose of apple and citrus. What else but smoked pork chops to bring out the best in this delightfully aromatic quaff?

$10.01 to $13.00

Cedar Creek Winery 2014 Gewurztraminer, Wisconsin
The mildly floral bouquet has hints of citrus and Bosque pear. While soft and lush there is good grip on the finish. This wine works wonders with brats and other flavorful sausages.

Kavic Winery NV Duquesne, Pennsylvania
Spicy, citrus aromas hint at the essence of this wine. Refreshing, crisp acidity and citrus overtones make this a delightful beverage to pair with fowl, hard cheese and light fruits.

Victorianbourg NV Pechette, New York
A delightfully soft, sweet white wine full of natural peach flavours, it makes a perfect aperitif or a refreshing summer’s afternoon beverage. Serve well chilled with light fruits and cheeses.

St. Julian NV “Sweet Nancie” Sparkling Peach, Michigan
Lots of mousse and bubbles accompany the sweet peach aromas, which mingle in harmony with flavors of peach, pineapple and lemon zest. As the label reads: “Like the winemaker (Nancie): sweet, bubbly and full of personality.” Serve cold on a hot summer’s afternoon with light cheeses and fruit.

The Path 2013 Chardonnay, California
An attractive light-bodied white wine with notes of green apple and citrine finished with a charming delicate aftertaste. A nice aperitif wine and will enhance cold summer seafood entrees.

Oak Haven Winery Blueberry Wine, Florida
Living in the blueberry capital of the world (West Michigan), it is hard for me to acknowledge that this Florida Blueberry wine is the best I’ve ever tasted! It perfectly reflects all of the yummy smells and tastes of a blueberry pie fresh from the oven. This is a fruit not well suited for winemaking, yet, this wine has perfect balance and offers a palate impression that is both dry and succulent. It is actually not too sweet to enjoy with savory sweet Asian cuisine.

Thirsty Owl 2014 Snow Owl White Wine, Finger Lakes NY
Smells of citrus and wet stones carries into a semi-sweet fruity palate of yellow plums while finishing dry and refreshing. It is delightful with chicken breast off the grill.

VonShehl SymmetryVon Stiehl Winery 2013 Symmetry, Wisconsin
The distinctive nose tells you this wine is made primarily of the Traminette varietal with aromas of apricot and honey. With just a touch of sweetness, the mouth bursts with tropical flavors. Savor with light meats or spicy foods.

$13.01 to $16.00

James River Cellars 2014 Chardonel, Virginia
This quintessential hybrid has aromas of bananas and violets. Sweet peaches and acidic citrus flavors encompass the palate. Asian cuisine or fish would be good choices.

Blumenhof NV Katy’s Blush, Missouri
An attractive pinkish semi-sweet wine delivering generous fresh fruit of the grape. Flavors nicely balanced with firm acidity for a tasty lingering finish. Suggest chilling for a refreshing summer compliment to grilled chicken or chops.

St. Julian Solera Cream Sherry, Michigan
Big and floral, it starts with notes of Muscat-like peachy fruit nectar and gains a complex smorgasbord of roasted coffee, caramel and nougat. Hints of herb and baked yellow cake finishes with seductively sweet creamy texture on the palate. Don’t hesitate to serve this whenever the moment arises for a sweet snack or a grand dessert.

Dr. Konstantin Frank 2013 Rkatsiteli, Finger Lakes, New York
The ancient Asian variety deliciously expressed in a brisk white wine with delicate nuances of apricots, honey and melon flavors complimenting filet of sole and other cream sauce fish dishes.

Calico Skies Winery 2013 Geisenheim, Iowa
It is aromatically distinguished with subtle notes of apple, citrus and mandarin. The first sip is like biting into a juicy Yellow Delicious apple. Although it stands well on its own, seafood, chicken and risottos would also make interesting pairings.

Chateau Fontaine 2013 Dry Riesling, Leelanau Peninsula, Michigan
This Riesling is really aromatic with orange peel, strawberry and mango carrying all the way to the long, dry palate gripping finish. It makes one salivate anticipating another sip. Pair it with fresh white fish, walleye or lake perch.

Lakewood Vineyards 2013 Glaciovinum, Finger Lakes, New York
Orange, banana, ginger and vanilla bean aromas prelude this exotically, fruity mouthful of rich apricot-honey flavors in this Delaware grape iced wine. High in residual sugar this wine is dessert in a glass, although sweet figs or a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream will be well served.

Eagle City Vineyards NV Apple Wine, Iowa
Sweet aromas of cloves, cinnamon and apple capture the senses, and the first sip explodes over the tongue full of spices and ripe apples. Hard cheeses and crusty bread will be a nice accompaniment.

$16.01 to $20.00

Morais Vineyards NV Fortified Cherry Wine, Virginia
A Morello cherry concentrate bouquet exudes from the glass. The first sip is like taking a bite of cherry pie. Serve with strawberry shortcake covered in whip cream or chilled in a chocolate cup.

Calico Skies 2013 Frontenac, Iowa
Rich, red fruit nose enters the palate with red plums, garden herbs, and a slightly bitter, long complex “forest in the spring” finish. It is great to refresh the palate while feasting on deep fried shrimp.

Pedroncelli ZinfandelPedroncelli 2013 Zinfandel, Sonoma County, California
A brooding deep red, the blackberry and blood orange nose offers a big surprise of exotic, somewhat medicinal, amethyst berry on the tip of the tongue with mouth coating layers of strawberry jam and powerful tannins throughout. This is a fine complex wine best suited to flavorful meats such as veal or lamb.

Coda Rossa 2012 Super Tuscan, New Jersey
A rich bouquet of dark berry fruits and a scent of cedar followed by mouth-watering dark raspberry, mocha and a touch of leather leads you to believe this wine is from Italy. Deliciously balanced, this is a wine for red meats, red sauce pastas and heavy cheeses.

Coda Rossa 2012 Meritage, New Jersey
This fine, elegant offering shows excellent balance, red fruit, earth, sweet oak, vanilla and grows with every sip. The finish grows too with subtle mint tones as it glides off. This versatile wine pairs well with everything from pizza to beef steak.

45 North 2013 Select Harvest Riesling, Leelanau Peninsula, Michigan
The Bosque pear and kiwi fruit nose gathers yellow plums at the tip of the tongue and a pleasant herbal nuance at the mid palate. It finishes with citrus and minerals. Though on the sweeter side, it has plenty of bracingly fresh acidity to match well with roast chicken basted with an herbal sauce.

45 North 2014 Unwooded Chardonnay, Leelanau Peninsula, Michigan
Greeted by minerals, lemon meringue pie and sweet cream, the palate is surprisingly generous. The palate and finish is as lush and long as wine which is aged in oak. Enjoy it with mild fish such as flounder or corvina.

Sharpe Hill 2012 Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay, Connecticut
The powerful Malo-Lactic creamy buttery nose glides seamlessly into caramel and Bourbon as it enters the mouth. It possesses a fresh crisp acid zing in the mid palate and finishes with more citrus. This is the wine for scallops bathed in butter sauce.

Wide River Winery 2014 Pursuit of Happiness, Iowa
Absolutely the densest shade of red I’ve seen! No meniscus, just big slow ruby legs and potent red raspberry smells. The Norton grape influence enhances the raspberry’s wild, powered up avalanche of fruit. The Norton flavor is only visible in that it tames that sometimes strong texture in the throat that some raspberry wines have. This one finishes pure, sweet, easy to swallow with dessert or as an after dinner drink.

Truro Vineyards 2014 Diamond White, Massachusetts
This American varietal delivers spicy fruit aromas with a lingering bouquet of apricot. It is sweet enough to keep the fresh acidity balanced on the soft side, yet not too sweet with its citrus flavors. Perfect with spicy oriental cuisine or with soft cheeses.

Truro 2012 Cabernet Franc, Massachusetts
Bright cherry bouquet with light aromas of toast and vanilla. Bing cherries, cassis and a light oak finish delights the taste buds. Beef, pork and roasted vegetables are recommended for this gem.

$20.01 to $25.00

J & D Cellars 2013 Petite Sirah, Pennsylvania
The dark ink like color leads to a bouquet of herbal and pepper overtones, and offers flavors of dark berries, plums, leather and spice. Beautifully balanced with a rich, vibrant mouth feel, this is a wine to match with a grilled portabella or rack of lamb.

L. Mawby NV Tradition Sparkling Brut, Michigan
Ample, frothy mousse dissipates quickly leaving an abundance of long lasting bubbles. Citrus fruit aromas and flavors with a clean, crisp citrus finish make for a great way to greet friends and serve with light hors d’oeuvres.

Lake Anna 2012 Cabernet Franc, Virginia
This big, rich wine has a huge nose of black raspberry, purple plum and black truffle manifesting in a woodsy, black tea, strawberry jam mid palate. With a subtle green herb bitter nuance, the finish is long, fine textured and pairs nicely with chicken cacciatore.

Forest Edge 2013 “Love Spell” Late Harvest Diamond, Kentucky
Loads of native American grape fruit in the nose combines with hints of caramel and marmalade spice on the palate. It finishes with a crisp-sweet mouth feel. It completes a dessert of pear or apple flan.

Chateau Frank 2008 Brut, Finger Lakes, New York
Immediately upon pouring, the mousse quickly expands and contracts leaving a fine stream of tiny, lively bubbles. The nose is creamy, complex and nuanced toast, finishing with citrus and minerals. The perfect introduction to flavorful appetizers.

VonShehl SymmetryVon Steihl 2012 Sylvester, Wisconsin
Remarkable ruby color and nothing but pure red fruit (Marechal Foch) greets the eye and nose. A complex array of truffles, forest floor and rich red plum sustain throughout the mid palate and sustaining finish. Enjoy this one with full flavored aged cheese.

Swedish Hill Vineyard 2014 Vignoles Late Harvest, New York
A naturally sweet dessert wine filled with abundant apricot, honey and pineapple aromas and flavors. This little gem calls out to be paired with cheese cake.

Fenn Valley Parallel 42 Ice Wine, Michigan
This is a classic German style Ice Wine. The honey, resin, toffee and apricot essence literally attack the palate with an avalanche of intense spicy, baked peaches and apples. It finishes with tropical pineapple and mango lingering for quite some time. With a cup of black coffee in one hand and a nutty dessert in the other, sandwich this remarkable Ice Wine in between.

$25.01 to $35.00

Valpanera 2007 Refosco Riserva, Italy
Densely colored with violet and grassy aromas. Flavors of dark peppery spices and plums dance over the tongue, and display a slightly astringent, almond finish. The perfect mate with Beef Bourguignon or Braised Beef Cheek.

Lafond 2012 Chardonnay, Hilltop Ranch Vineyard, Santa Barbara, CA
An exceptional white wine with a soft creamy texture embracing fresh fig, melon and green olive flavors that linger on and on. Should pair well with rich buttery seafood dishes.

Spangler Vineyards 2012 Petite Sirah, Oregon
With a deep red color and dense blackberry and purple plum smells, it gains width and breadth in the mouth finishing with more and more ripe plum fruit and a long, soft finish. Enjoy this Alexander Valley jewel with leg of lamb.

Tabor Hill Winery NV Grand Mark Sparkling, Michigan
Made in true Methode Champenoise style, this sparkler is full of citrus and toasty aromas that flow onto the palate. Enjoy as an aperitif, or serve it with light meats or fish for a bubbly experience.

Apostoles 30 year Sherry, Jerez, Spain
As soon as it hits the palate, an avalanche of honey, raisins, tree bark, toffee, leather, earth, brandy and vanilla cascades over the palate. While sweet, it is mostly big, fat and rich finishing with a refreshing bitter almost dry note. This wine is great with nuts and ripe cheese.

VonStiehlVon Stiehl 2013 Apple Icing, Wisconsin
It smells like caramel apples right out of the hot caramel pot. Though light in the mid palate, the pleasant spicy apple pie finish stays alive. And, a lower calorie option to actually eating caramel apples!

Avondale Sky 2013 “Pinnacle Hill” Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Nova Scotia, Canada
Pure honey, apple torte and maple syrup smells greet the nose while apricot, caramel, raisins, chocolate and crème brulee coat the palate. More muscat raisins and honey bee resins grip the palate with a long lush finish. Wow, this is actually sweet and intense enough to serve with sweet desserts like pecan pie or even crème brulee.

Viva Yo! Bodegas Paso Robles 2010 Tempranillo, California
Mature brick red color, classy blackberry fruit laden nose with terra cotta scents leads to a woodsy mid palate and a long dry finish. Italian sausage, peppers and onions over pasta will do this wine proud.

$35.01 to $50.00

LaFond 2011 Pinot Noir, Clone 828, Santa Barbara County, California
The classic Pinot nose is extraordinary. Complex cherry, earth and butter offer rich mouth feel. It is soft yet persistent, culminating in a huge powerful finish with notes of sour cream and cheese in dense black fruit. Stunning now, with more to come, it pairs with richly flavored foods like boeuf bourguignon.

Luna Rosa 2009 Reserve Aglianico, Mimbres Valley, New Mexico
The beautiful deep brick red color looks like a big Italian red wine. The exotic berry fruit nose starts off a bit like black muscat but transitions to cigar box, leather, compost and hints of grape pomace, finishing long and dry. This is the sort of wine that marries perfectly with braised meats.

Luna Rossa Winery 2008 Nebbiolo Reserve, New Mexico
Deep ruby color with aromas of fresh berries and roses. Fresh ripe cherries, nuances of vanilla that finish with a touch of cedar. Marinara sauce pastas, grilled pork or braised ribs will marry nicely.

Dr. Konstantin Frank 2013 Late Harvest Riesling, Finger Lakes, New York
The nose is filled with luscious pear and caramel, followed by wonderful flavors of honey and noble rot affected fruit. This is dessert in a glass or serve with a pear tart.

Hopkins Vineyard 2013 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Connecticut
Sweet and luscious with a classic honeyed nose and notes of ripe peach and apricot flavors. Serve with stilton cheese and nuts, fresh figs or crepes Suzette.

Apostoles 30 year Sherry, Jerez, Spain
As soon as it hits the palate, an avalanche of honey, raisins, tree bark, toffee, leather, earth, brandy and vanilla cascades over the palate. While sweet, it is mostly big, fat and rich finishing with a refreshing bitter almost dry note. This wine is great with nuts and ripe cheese.

$50.01 to $65.00

Wakefield 2012 St. Andrews Shiraz, Australia
With a surprisingly mature looking deep red robe, it opens up with vinuous scents of raisins, plums, vanilla, forest floor and vanilla. The finish carries these flavors to a long, velvety end making for a delightful pairing with grilled beef or pork on the “barbie.”

Wakefield 2012 St. Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia
Deep garnet, medium-bodied red wine expressing rich berry-cherry flavors balanced with hints of cedar-currant notes in the mellow aftertaste. Perfect with moderately seasoned lamb dishes.

Konzelmann Estate 2010 Vidal Blanc
Ice Wine, Niagara Penninsula, Canada
The sparkling golden hue precedes the sweet tangerine, zesty lemon and decadent honey aromas from this rich dessert wine. A balanced acidity greets the dense, smooth, palate coating sweetness along with flavors of candied pear, peach and orange zest. A delightful dessert by itself or pair with blue veined cheeses and nuts.

$65.00 +

Hansen Vineyards 2010 Limited Release Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, CA
Intense, ruby hued, full-bodied red wine with bold cedar-bramble flavor complexity finishing on velvet textured tannins. A good choice for favorite braised beef recipes.

Hansen Vineyards 2011 Limited Release Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, CA
A dense, red wine with deep purplish tones and rich, cassis-plum flavors structured on soft tannins delivering a luxuriant lingering aftertaste. Match with grilled top loin of beef cuts.

Double Gold Notes from the 2015 Consumers’ Wine Judging

Under $10.00

Barefoot Cellars NV Rich Red Blend, California
Full, inviting aroma of dark berries that follows through with a smooth, soft flavor of the fruit introducing a touch of vanilla and oak. A great daily use value at under $7.00. Enjoy a spicy food companion like BBQ ribs, pizza or spaghetti in a red sauce and it will even hold up to a slight chill on the bottle for summer enjoyment.

Lost Vineyards NV Tempranillo, Spain
Light, but pleasant aroma with the appealing color of Grenache. Delightful flavor profile of food friendly Tempranillo. A wonderful wine for someone looking for a quality entry level red wine at a value price to put on a dinner table featuring paella.

Barefoot NV Moscato, California
The label proclaims “deliciously sweet” and there’s no mistaking that statement. Pure Moscato nose and flavor components. Peach and apricot with touches of citrus. A nice companion for Asian dishes, fruit and mild cheese.

Don Valentin 2014 Roble Malbec, Argentina
An excellent sample of the great values coming from Argentina…especially the Malbec, its national treasure. This wine personifies all the enticing qualities of the grape variety. Mouth-watering aroma and lustrous, appealing flavors that would compliment anything off the grill, especially beef.

Lakewood 2014 Vignoles, Finger Lakes, New York
A massive array of fruit aromas and flavors fill the glass. Prominent pineapple and grapefruit along with pears, tangerine and honey. Pour this wine over a large punch bowl filled with fresh fruit of the season and serve chilled in a wine glass for an evening of joy.

Barefoot Bubbly NV Extra Dry California Champagne
A “bubbly” that is sure to please, especially in this price range. Tart apple flavor and a refreshing sparkling mouthfeel that lingers on the back palate. The perfect match for mom’s blueberry cream pie or any fresh fruit tart. A great entertainer.

Wollersheim 2014 Prairie Fumé, Wisconsin
A Midwest favorite, this rendition of the Seyval grape variety highlights flavor sensations of citrus and tropical fruits. With a hint of sweetness, this wine could be the perfect fit for a picnic basket of cold chicken, sausages, fresh bread and mild cheese.

Barefoot Bubbly NV Moscato Spumante, California
Moscato is a popular variety in America today and in this sparkling version, Barefoot Bubbly hits the high mark. Light and lively with citrus flavors that will match well with a full fruit platter on the buffet table.

$10.01 - $15.00

Dr. Konstantin Frank 2014 Grüner Veltliner, Finger Lakes, New York
An intriguing grape that does well in cool climate regions. Slightly perfumed nose with fresh and fruity flavor offering a lasting finish that would bode well with a variety of Asian dishes or a full plate of choucroute.

Kavic 2011 Chardonnay, Pennsylvania
An inviting classic Chardonnay bouquet that carries to a full-bodied, semi-dry melon flavor profile. Roasted chicken that was basted with lemon butter would be a tempting combination.

Lakewood 2014 Valvin Muscat, Finger Lakes, New York
According to the Lakewood family: “Juicy aromas of peach, pear and melon set the stage for a luscious fruity palate with a long, mouth-watering finish.” That fits this wine to a tee along with a generous fresh fruit and nut plate for your guests.

$15.01 - $20.00

Owl Ridge 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma, California
A well-crafted winner from Dry Creek Valley. Crisp, dry and easy on the palate. A nice choice to serve with fresh caught and pan-fried trout or walleye.

Belhurst 2014 Dry Riesling, Seneca Lake, New York
First impression is a classic Riesling aroma followed by a fresh, crisp and satisfying flavor profile made to order for the lovers of Riesling. New York Riesling stands out again as some of the best in the world. Cold cuts, roasted chicken and cream pastas will be very satisfying.

Bordeleau Lot Number 6 Merlot, Maryland
An alluring nose of dark fruit…pure Merlot. This special Lot is elegant, full-bodied and with a slight smokiness of barrel aging. Nicely balanced wine with flavors that linger to the finish. Try with veal or pork scaloppini topped with a light brown sauce.

Taylors 2013 Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon, Clare Valley, Australia
An enthralling floral aroma from “down under.” Full, ripe fruit flavors balanced with exceptional smooth mouthfeel and captivating aftertaste. A pleasing and enticing Cabernet Sauvignon that would pair well with garlic crusted pork roast.

Vino ‘e Buono 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, Colorado
A Southern Italian inspired Cabernet from the mountains of Colorado. The oak barrel influence introduces a subtle coffee undertone to the classic grape variety. Smooth, but not weak, this “old world” style wine would pair well with Bistecca alla Siciliana.

$20.01 - $27.00

Don Ernesto WineryDon Ernesto’s 2014 Tempranillo (Clarinet), Lodi, California
Lovely wine with full aroma and a big flavor profile that is created with the balanced touch of a fine wine winemaker. Spain’s best grape variety shows very well in California. Makes me want to play a joyful “Clarinet!” Very versatile with any type of Mediterranean food from savory meat to sassy seasoned seafood dishes.

$27.01 - $35.00

Bell Springs 2013 Tannat, Texas
Deep garnet colors that imply royal tones – beautiful in the glass. Tannic, but not overly so and will soften with a little more aging. Robust red berry flavors. An intriguing grape variety to explore. The winemaker suggests matching this wine with marinated lamb skewers. You could not go wrong with that.

$40.01 - $50.00

Taylor’s St. Andrews 2013 Shiraz, Clare Valley, Australia
An extraordinary Shiraz! Perfectly balanced and not overpowering. Exceptional in every respect. Beautiful blackberry nose and a full flavor profile that makes one place a prime piece of beef steak on the grill seasoned only with salt and pepper. This wine is made for the pure enjoyment of a top-end food and wine experience.

Belhurst Estate Ice Princess (Cabernet Franc Iced Wine), New York
A delicate and elegant “iced” dessert wine featuring the Cabernet Franc grape. The sugar and acid is well balanced and supports the full mouthfeel of this stylish wine. Pour a glass after dinner and just sip and enjoy in front of the fireplace.

Double Gold Notes from the 2014 Consumers’ Wine Judging

Under $10.00
Barefoot Cellars NV Chardonnay, California
Barefoot Chardonnay is full of peach and Fuji apple flavors. It’s as smooth and golden as … gold. Medium-weight with a sweet vanilla aroma but light enough to go with fresh fruits, white sauce pasta or light seafood dishes.

Wollersheim 2013 White Riesling, Wisconsin
A semi-sweet wine, with floral aromas of jasmine and a well-balanced palate of ripe peaches and apricots. A perfect summer time wine for sitting on the porch with fresh fruit and light cheeses or use as an elegant dessert wine.

Torrey Ridge “Big Jake Wort Hog” Spiced Apple Cider, Finger Lakes, NY
Sweet aromas of cloves, cinnamon and apple capture the senses, and the first sip explodes over the tongue full of spices and ripe apples. Visions of a glass of this spiced apple treat in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter’s night seem apropos.

Barefoot Cellars Pink Moscato, California
Aromas of Mandarin orange and sweet jasmine meld together for a deliciously sweet rosè libation. Subtle flavors of cherry, raspberry, and pomegranate are prominent for a mouthful of delight. A perfect selection for grilled and spicy foods, especially spicy oriental dishes.

Cedar Creek Winery 2013 Pinot Grigio, Wisconsin
This semi-dry Pinot Grigio fills the olfactory senses with tropical fruit and floral aromas, while tantalizing the palate with flavors of pear and mango. Serve slightly chilled with white sauce pasta, fruits and light cheeses.

$10.01 - $15.00
Americana Vineyards NV “Apparition” Finger Lakes, New York
The folks at Americana Vineyards have produced an excellent example of the Vidal hybrid grape in the “Apparition.” Fresh citrus and honey aromas are prelude to a mouthful of pineapple, grapefruit and honey overtones. A slight touch of sweetness makes this wine perfect for appetizers, by itself with a good book or as a perfect match for light cheeses or desserts.

Lakewood Vineyards NV Valvin Muscat, Finger Lakes, NY
Juicy aromas of white peach, pear and melon set the stage for a luscious, fruity palate with a long, mouth-watering finish. Delightful by itself, enjoy with light salads, hors d’oeuvres or brie.

Prairie Berry Winery NV “Gold Digger,” South Dakota
This semi-sweet little gem of a pear wine tickles the palate with light, crisp, tart pear flavors and tantalizes with aromas of pear blossom. Perfect for light summer drinking, marry with fruit salads or just enjoying on the deck with light cheeses.

Torrey Ridge Winery NV Molly’s Moscato, Finger Lakes, NY
Delightfully sweet with lush, fruity aromas. Hints of citrus skip across flavors of juicy peach and ripe apricots. A bright, crisp finish dances in at the end. Fruit and mild cheeses will be perfect matches for this Moscato

Harvest Ridge NV Blue Hen Blue, Delaware
A red wine and fruit wine blend with loads of wild berry and candied fruit notes and an off-dry palate with a clean fresh grape finish. The perfect summer wine for spicy foods off the smoker or to enjoy at the end of the evening with blue cheese and walnuts.

$15.01 - $20.00
Santa Barbara 2011 Syrah, California
An enticing nose of black berry fruits followed by superb rush and rich mouth feel that makes you hope the sensations won’t end. A marvelous, satisfying wine to please all the senses. As one consumer judge describes it, “This is a knock your socks off wine!” A very amiable wine that would match well with any meat, seasoned or marinated.

Harvest Ridge 2013 Chambourcin, Delaware
This French-Hybrid grape has an excellent structure. Youthful, with vibrant black cherry and plum aromas, then earth tones with truffle and mineral hints on the finish. Prime rib, Lamb, Roast beef, Veal Roast, fowl dark meat and of course, just about any kind of steak or spicy foods come to mind to go with this wine.

$20.01 - $27.00
Chateau Frank 2007 Brut, Finger Lakes, NY
Big mousse, endless bubbles, light hint of fresh bread yeast, crisp citrus fruit on the palate with lingering flavors. This wine is light enough to serve with hors d’oeuvres but would also be a perfect match with several fish or chicken entrees. Its “spritz” is a treat for the palate.

$27.01 - $35.00
Windsor Vineyards NV Blanc de Blanc, Sonoma, CA
Richly golden and effervescent, this refreshing sparkling wine offers intermingling flavors of crisp, green apple, apricot, nectarine and notes of citrus. Soft minerality enhances the palate for a cleansing and polished finish. Complex enough to go with caviar or a quiet evening with pizza. A perfect selection for any celebration.

Canyon Wind 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Colorado
The nose delights with aromas of red currant, lavender, cherry, anise and subtle hints of vanilla. The velvety palate is full of concentrated black cherry, clove, and traces of smokiness and vanilla with intensity and a full, lingering finish. Consider lying down for a few years.

$50.00 and Above
Sagebrush Annie’s 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Barbara, CA
Deep garnet black color. Aromas and flavors of roasted coffee and tart currant with a supple, dryish medium body and a round, blackberry and earth finish among firm, coating tannins. Definitely recommend laying it down now, it will be better in a few years.

Haywood 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Los Chamizal, Sonoma County, CA
This is a complex wine of structure and full flavors. Black cherry, cassis flavors layer over a touch of French oak all blend together with subtle tannins on the finish. Grilled or smoked red meats are the flavor of the day for this beauty.

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